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If you are looking to hire a mobile app development company to build your Android app, don’t make it a hasty step!

With over 8 million apps currently to be found on the Google Play store, you would want your app to stand out in the crowd.


Given this ever-increasing demand for mobile apps, it is even more important to create an app that not only meets the needs of users but one that ensures those needs are met with an experience that enables stickiness and adoption of service.

While you are in conversation with a prospective android development company, ask them these simple (yet Important) questions:

Questions that you must ask yourself:


  1. Have you done a user dipstick?

The most important question when making an app is – does anyone even need it? As an entrepreneur looking to create an app around a concept can be blinding. While you wholeheartedly believe in your concept, you must validate if others value it just the same. Casual research amongst friends can do the trick, but you must try and cover as many people to validate your concept. You must also research if apps like the ones you want to create already exist – reading and researching online is an easy way of doing this.

If you are an Enterprise, a user dipstick may not be enough, and you must back your app outreach strategy with a deep market research that can often lead to invaluable data about competitors and precise figures about what worked and didn’t work for them and hence look into what may work for your app. Without deep market research, you may miss out on such important signals.

  1. Are you providing something different?

Mobile apps are at par with any other comodity – one can lose interest in them just as quickly as they gain it.

For this reason, constant innovation needs to be the order of the day. Simply a rehashing of what has already worked will not be tenable in the longer run. So, ask yourself – is this unique? Is this being a Zero to One concept?

Questions that you should ask your mobile app developer:

  1. How heavy will the app be?

Depending on the markets in which you are launching your app you must factor, and be aware of, the size of your app. Say your focus is to launch in emerging markets and these typically have devices with lower me memory and storage caps of 8GB. When this happens, users are mindful of the space your app takes up. A 100 Mb app will be the first to get deleted. Aim for an app with no more than 5 to 10 Mb and remember that the lower you can keep it the better it is. It significantly impacts user conversion and uptake when your app is light.

  1. Will the app they make be data efficient?

You need to make sure that your app doesn’t consume excessive amounts of data on 3G or 4G.

An app which does so is likely to be relegated to the Apps directory of a user’s Google Play store account, until they one day realize that it drains battery – and then it’ll be deleted.

  1. Will the app they make be fast?

It’s 2018 now, and nobody likes slow apps anymore. Your app must be at the top of the list when it comes to speed, since in this fast-paced age, a difference of so much as a millisecond can be the difference between having or not having a user.

  1. How will they use the Android platform to their advantage?

If you are making an app on the Android platform, there needs to be something in it that leverages core OS features to make the app better.

Without this little edge, it might as well be a generic app on a generic platform. Moreover, with constant updates coming out for Android, your app will have to continuously factor those in as well.

These are some small questions through which you can get a concrete understanding of which factors your android development company will be considering while they make your app.

Always keep in mind that they may or may not be taking into account the factors discussed above – it’ll depend on the nature of your app and which purposes it’ll exist to serve.

Once you have a clear idea of what you want, and whether the company serve needs like stated above, you can be more sure of the value they will add – and you can then focus on making the app tick, while they partner you to ensure it does.

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